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DWARF Resolved Issues

The following table lists issues about the DWARF standard which have been resolved.  For details on an issue, follow the link from the issue number.  To submit an issue, please go to the Public Comment page.

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Status descriptions:

  • Accepted:  The issue was evaluated and the proposal was accepted without change.
  • Accepted pending revision:  The issue was evaluated and the proposal provisionally accepted, pending submission of revised wording.
  • Accepted with modifications:  The issue was evaluated and the proposal was accepted with modifications or a substitute proposal was accepted.  
  • Closed:  The issue was closed without modification to the standard.   
  • Duplicate:  The issue is a duplicate of another issue.
  • Deferred:  The issue will be reconsidered at a later time.
  • Rejected:  The issue was evaluated but the proposal was not accepted.
Detailed description of the resolution of an issue are listed at the bottom of each resolved issue.

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090824.1 Tommy Hoffner Coshape of Coarrays in Fortran 2008 Enhancement John Bishop Accepted with modifications
100211.1 Kendrick Wong Adding OpenCL language attribute Enhancement Kendrick Wong Accepted
100430.1 Tom Tromey aranges does not have debug info length Enhancement Cary Coutant Withdrawn
100430.2 Tom Tromey debug_aranges and address-less CUs Improvement Cary Coutant Rejected
100504.1 Robert Clipsham Extensions for D arrays, associative arrays, and delegates Enhancement John Bishop Rejected
100805.1 David Gross dynamic properties of types: reference interpretation Clarification Michael Eager Accepted with modification
100816.1 Keith Walker Ambiguity in DWARF4 of debug_info_offset in .debug_aranges Ambiguity Cary Coutant Accepted with modification
100831.1 Roland McGrath DW_OP_implicit_pointer Enhancement Jakub Jelinek Accepted
100909.1 Jakub Jelinek DW_OP_entry_value Enhancement Jakub Jelinek Accepted
100909.2 Jakub Jelinek DW_TAG_call_site Enhancement Jakub Jelinek Accepted with modifications
100923.1 Jan Kratochvil `Type Modifier Entries' has no section title Editorial Ron Brender Accepted
101014.1 Ian Lance Taylor Adding Go language attribut Enhancement Michael Eager Accepted
101015.1 Mark Wielaard DW_FORM_sig8 use in example versus DW_FORM_ref_sig8 Editorial Ron Brender Accepted
101111.1 Rodney M. Bates New DW_LANG_ value for Modula-3 Enhancement Michael Eager Accepted
110110.1 Kendrick Wong Size attributes on DW_TAG_string_type Improvement Kendrick Wong Accepted with modifications
110120.1 Joel Brobecker address computation overflow (seen in Location List Entries) Clarification Michael Eager Rejected
110404.1 Mark Wielaard typo in Figure 55. Packed record example: DWARF description Editorial Ron Brender Accepted
110722.1 Jakub Jelinek More compact macro information - .debug_macro section Enhancement Jakub Jelinek Accepted
110803.1 David Gross DW_OP_form_tls_address semantics Clarification Brock Wyma Accepted with modification
110915.1 Yousef Shajrawi new dwarf tokens for OpenCL and AMDIL Enhancement Michael Eager Rejected
110926.1 Jan Kratochvil .debug_frame DW_OP_call_ref allowance Clarification Todd Allen Accepted with modification
120213.1 Tobias Burnus Allow DW_AT_type with DW_TAG_string_type Enhancement Kendrick Wong Replaced
120218.1 Nathan Howell Adding Haskell to Source Languages list Enhancement Michael Eager Accepted
120514.1 Cary Coutant Fission: Split debug info into separate files Enhancement Cary Coutant Withdrawn
120604.1 Jakub Jelinek Alternate debug sections Enhancement Jakub Jelinek ACCEPTED with modifications
120628.1 Tom Tromey Add language code for C++ variants Enhancement Michael Eager Accepted
120719.1 Mark Wielaard DW_AT_entry_pc encoded as a constant offset from DW_AT_ranges Enhancement Cary Coutant Accepted
120727.1 Paul Robinson UTF-8 for all sections with strings Clarification Paul Robinson Accepted with modifications
121112.1 Kendrick Wong DW_TAG_refine_type add additional attributes to type Enhancement Kendrick Wong Withdrawn
121123.1 Kendrick Wong Inconsistent length field for location description in .debug_loc Editorial Kendrick Wong Accepted
121212.1 Paul Robinson Type Unit Header typos Editorial Paul Robinson Accepted
121221.1 Kendrick Wong Allow DW_AT_type with DW_TAG_string_type Enhancement Kendrick Wong Accepted
130121.1 Ron Brender Default Location List Entry Improvement Ron Brender Accepted with modifications
130211.1 Kendrick Wong Change default encoding of string literals to UTF8 Enhancement Kendrick Wong Rejected
130313.1 Cary Coutant Indirect string table (Split DWARF, part 1/5) Enhancement Cary Coutant Accepted with modifications
130313.2 Cary Coutant Indirect Address Table (Split DWARF, part 2/5) Enhancement Cary Coutant Accepted with modifications
130313.3 Cary Coutant Range table base offset (Split DWARF, part 3/5) Enhancement Cary Coutant Accepted
130313.4 Cary Coutant DWARF object files (Split DWARF, part 4/5) Enhancement Cary Coutant Accepted with modifications
130313.5 Tobias Burnus Add support for Fortran assumed-rank arrays Enhancement Adrian Prantl Accepted with (pending) modifications
130318.1 Kendrick Wong DW_TAG_descriptor_type to describe descriptors Enhancement Kendrick Wong Accepted
130402.1 Jason Merrill Use DW_AT_default_value to indicate C++ default template arguments Enhancement Jason Merrill Accepted
130410.1 Eric Christopher Accelerated access Enhancement Eric Christopher Withdrawn
130411.1 Paul Robinson Values for non-type template parameter Clarification Paul Robinson Replaced
130412.1 Paul Robinson Non-integral non-type template parameters Clarification Paul Robinson Accepted
130526.1 Eric Christopher Type Unit Merge Enhancement Eric Christopher Accepted with modifications
130530.1 Eric Christopher Type Hash editorial change Editorial Eric Christopher Accepted
130623.1 Ron Brender DW_AT_string_length_bit_size Enhancement Ron Brender Accepted
130701.1 Paul Robinson Add MD5 digest to debug-line file table Enhancement Paul Robinson Accepted
130722.1 Paul Robinson Add AT_artificial to TAG_member and TAG_variable in Appendix A Editorial Paul Robinson Accepted
130722.2 Paul Robinson List template parameters in declaration order Improvement Paul Robinson Accepted
130723.1 Hafiz Abid Qadeer Wrong Figure Number - Pg 282 Error Brock Wyma Closed
130815.1 Paul Robinson Template parameter refactoring Editorial Paul Robinson Accepted
130819.1 Keith Walker Language-dependent default array ordering not specified Clarification Keith Walker Withdrawn
131009.1 Richard W.M. Jones Adding OCaml language attribute Enhancement Michael Eager Accepted with modification
131017.1 Keith Walker DW_AT_entry_pc missing on some tags in Appendix A Clarification Keith Walker Accepted
131105.1 Adrian Prantl C++11 ref-qualifiers on non-static member functions Enhancement Adrian Prantl Accepted
131106.1 Ron Brender Replace DW_TAG_descriptor_type (130318.1) with DW_TAG_dynamic_type Enhancement Ron Brender Accepted
131112.1 Joseph Myers Add DW_TAG_atomic_type for C11 _Atomic Enhancement Michael Eager Accepted
131113.1 Paul Robinson UTF-8 for new kinds of units Improvement Paul Robinson Accepted
131113.2 Paul Robinson Type unit attributes Ambiguity Paul Robinson Accepted with modification
131216.1 Eric Christopher Minor Non-Defining Declarations edit Editorial Eric Christopher Accepted
131217.1 Paul Robinson C++ "auto" return type Enhancement Paul Robinson Accepted
140129.1 Michael Woerister DW_LANG_Rust Enhancement Michael Eager Accepted
140203.1 Eric Christopher Adding DW_FORM_exprloc to type unit hashing Editorial Eric Christopher Accepted
140208.1 Ron Brender New classes for DW_AT_str_offsets_base, etc Error Ron Brender Accepted
140226.1 Martin Runge Add hashes over source and header files to debug symbols Enhancement Rejected.
140227.1 Paul Robinson References to entries within a type unit Enhancement Cary Coutant Accepted
140228.1 Johan Tibell Add a source language ID for Haskell Enhancement Michael Eager Rejected
140323.1 David Anderson Debug_line file attributes Enhancement David Anderson Rejected
140327.1 Mark Wielaard Clarify DW_AT_byte_size usage with DW_TAG_enumeration Clarification Ron Brender Accepted
140330.1 Mark Wielaard Add language code DW_LANG_C11 for ISO/IEC 9899:2011 Enhancement Michael Eager Accepted
140331.1 Mark Wielaard C11 _Noreturn function specifier attribute DW_AT_noreturn Enhancement Adrian Prantl Accepted
140331.2 Mark Wielaard Add file attributes to debug-line file table Enhancement Dave Anderson Rejected
140421.1 Cary Coutant DWARF package files (Split DWARF, part 5/5) Enhancement Cary Coutant Accepted
140425.1 Jakub Jelinek Typed DWARF stack Enhancement Jakub Jelinek Accepted
140506.1 Mark Wielaard D.4 Member Function Example wrong return type Clarification Paul Robinson Accepted
140528.1 Mark Wielaard Add DW_TAG_aligned tag and DW_AT_alignment attribute Enhancement Eric Christopher Accepted with modifications
140602.1 Adrian Prantl Language constant for the Swift programming language (DW_LANG_Swift) Enhancement Adrian Prantl Accepted
140606.1 Keno Fischer Add Julia to Source Languages List Enhancement Michael Eager Accepted
140701.1 Bruce Mitchener Adding Dylan language attribute Enhancement Michael Eager Accepted
140724.1 Ron Brender Line File Table Enhancement Ron Brender Accepted with modifications
140817.1 Michael Eager Fast Name Lookup Enhancement Michael Eager Withdrawn
140903.1 Paul Robinson DW_AT_default_value without default value? Error Paul Robinson Rejected
140917.1 Paul Robinson procedure/subroutine/subprogram terminology Editorial Paul Robinson Accepted
141001.1 Petr Machata Proposal to reserve .debug_macro opcode 0xff Improvement Michael Eager Rejected
141003.1 Cary Coutant Need to mark ctors and dtors with =default Enhancement Cary Coutant Withdrawn
141008.1 Mark Wielaard c++14 DW_LANG constant Enhancement Michael Eager Accepted
141020.1 Adrian Prantl C++11 inline namespaces Enhancement Adrian Prantl Rejected
141121.1 Jakub Jelinek Fortran 03/08 DW_LANG constants Enhancement Jakub Jelinek Accepted
141212.1 Michael Eager DW_AT_export_symbols Enhancement Michael Eager Accepted
141215.1 Cary Coutant Identify whether a type should be passed by value or implicit reference Enhancement Cary Coutant Accepted
141215.2 Cary Coutant Mark deleted member functions Enhancement Cary Coutant Accepted with modificaitons
141215.3 Cary Coutant Mark defaulted member functions Enhancement Cary Coutant Open
141215.4 Cary Coutant Add DW_FORM_implicit_const form code Enhancement Cary Coutant Accepted
150108.1 Cary Coutant Accelerated Access Enhancement Cary Coutant Accepted
150331.1 Colin Riley RenderScript DW_LANG constant Enhancement Michael Eager Accepted
150607.1 Ron Brender Add DW_FORM_base_offset to resolve split object file issues Error Ron Brender Withdrawn
150608.1 Ron Brender Value of DW_AT_dwo_id attribute Error Ron Brender Accepted
150623.1 Cary Coutant Clarify byte order of DW_FORM_ref_sig8 Clarification Cary Coutant Accepted
150702.1 Ron Brender Add more unit type codes (DW_UT_*) Improvement Ron Brender Withdrawn
150726.1 Michael Eager Sign of special address type Ambiguity Michael Eager Withdrawn
150731.1 Ron Brender Add new TAG for skeleton units Improvement Ron Brender Withdrawn
150824.1 Jiri Malak Version for arange section in Dwarf 4 is not changed but format was changed Error Rejected
150824.2 Ben Gamari Representation of line number program header's include_directories unclear Ambiguity Accepted
151004.1 Andrei Alexandrescu DWARF attributes for D type qualifiers Enhancement Michael Eager Accepted
160108.1 Ron Brender Unify compilation unit and type unit headers Improvement Ron Brender Accepted with modifications
160123.1 Ron Brender Unify Location Lists and Range Lists Enhancement Ron Brender Accepted
160301.1 Paul Robinson Explicit import of C++ anonymous namespace Improvement Paul Robinson Accepted
160602.1 Paul Bowen-Huggett Minor error in example hex value Editorial Accepted
160610.1 Phil Mason Change in permissible classes for DW_AT_high_pc not found in changes list Error Rejected
160610.2 Phil Mason Why is there a confusing gap in the list of attribute form encodings Clarification Rejected
160620.1 Michael Eager Define generic type for stack operations Clarification Michael Eager Accepted
160621.1 Andrew Cagney More register location description clarifications Editorial Accepted
160714.1 Ron Brender Location List and Range List Sections Improvement/Enhancement Improvement Ron Brender Accepted
160808.1 Rob Brender Add Language Code for BLISS Enhancement Rob Brender Accepted
160811.1 Jakub Jelinek Allow reference class for DW_AT_string_length attribute Enhancement Jakub Jelinek Open
161027.1 Jan Kratochvil .debug_names vs. DW_ID_case_insensitive Error Cary Coutant Accepted with modifications
161031.1 Jakub Jelinek Issues in Changes from Version 4 to Version 5 Editorial Jakub Jelinek Accepted
161031.2 Jakub Jelinek Remove useless padding from unit headers Improvement Jakub Jelinek Accepted
161031.3 Jakub Jelinek DW_LNCT_path allowed forms Enhancement Jakub Jelinek Accepted
161031.4 Jakub Jelinek C++ static data members, C++17 inline variables Editorial Jakub Jelinek Rejected
161102.1 Jan Kratochvil .debug_loclists expression length uint16_t could be uleb128 Improvement Accepted
161113.1 Jan Kratochvil broken link for DW_AT_rnglists_base Editorial Accepted
161114.1 Paul Robinson DW_FORM_ref_sup unspecified size Error Paul Robinson Accepted with modification
161118.1 Jason Merrill DW_TAG for C++ static data members Improvement Jason Merrill Accepted
161120.1 Ron Brender Indexing into location and range lists sections Ambiguity Ron Brender Rejected
161122.1 Paul Robinson Fixed-size variant of DW_FORM_strx Improvement Paul Robinson Accepted with modification
161128.1 Adrian Prantl Add an example for DW_OP_bit_piece to D.1.3 (DWARF Location Description Examples Clarification Adrian Prantl
161130.1 Mark Wielaard Some forms are missing from the opcode_operands_table allowed forms list Improvement Accepted with modification
161130.2 Mark Wielaard Add DW_AT_encoding to the attribute list for DW_TAG_enumeration_type Improvement Rejected
161130.3 Mark Wielaard DW_FORM_data16 should be block class, not constant value class. Improvement Rejected
161130.4 Mark Wielaard representation of DW_FORM_strp/DW_FORM_line_strp typo Editorial Accepted
161130.5 Mark Wielaard Make Unit Headers use less space Improvement Rejected
161130.6 Mark Wielaard Remove DW_LANG_C_plus_plus_03 Error Rejected
161206.1 Andreas Arnez Clarify placement of register pieces Clarification Rejected
161206.3 Andreas Arnez Clarify placement of implicit value pieces Clarification Rejected
161215.1 Jan Kratochvil Missing DW_AT_producer in .debug_names Improvement Rejected
161215.2 Jan Kratochvil Missing DW_AT_producer in .debug_line Improvement Rejected
161215.3 Jan Kratochvil augmentation string compatibility in .debug_names Clarification Accepted
161230.1 Ron Brender Indexing into location and range lists sections (revisited) Ambiguity Ron Brender Accepted
170105.1 Paul Robinson Fixed-size variants of DW_FORM_addrx Enhancement Paul Robinson Accepted with modification

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