Issue 161130.5: Make Unit Headers use less space

Author: Mark Wielaard
Date submitted: 2016-11-30
Date revised:
Date closed:
Type: Improvement
Status: Rejected
DWARF Version: 5
Section 7.5.1, pg 199
This is an alternative for issue 161031.2. Instead of making the 
header size/fields completely depend on the unit type just use some 
bits to describe whether or not a unit header has any of the option 
fields. This could be as simple as dedicating just the low 6 bits to 
the actually unit type and use the upper two bits to indicate whether 
the header has an (8 byte) ID field and/or an (4 or 8 byte) DIE offset field.

This allows 64 unit types and makes it easy to describe which optional 
fields are in the header for currently unknown new types without wasting 
any padding space.


Rejected 1/3/2017.