DWARF Debugging Information Format Committee Member Participation Agreement

April 16, 2021

The DWARF Committee bylaws article 2 item 3 states: “Members shall be active participants in the development and extension of the DWARF Debugging Format.” Members specifically agree to do the following things.

  1. Abide by the bylaws and any other policies and practices adopted by the Committee, including the Code of Conduct.

    The bylaws, policies, and practices (including this Agreement) are available to the public on the website. Enforcement of all of these is at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Bylaws article 8 item 1 requires that (a) members affirm they have authority to act on behalf of an employer they represent, (b) all submissions or contributions are without license or other encumbrance.

  2. Attend the majority of Committee meetings.

    These are typically held “remotely” via telephone or video conference call; this is our primary forum for discussions and decisions about DWARF issues. Meetings may also have other kinds of business. Inform the Chair of any planned absences or technical difficulties.

  3. Actively participate in committee discussions (no “wallflowers”).

    We produce the best results when we have to understand and address various perspectives and viewpoints. It is especially valuable to ask questions or speak up about topics that you did not initiate. That said, we try to keep discussions focused on the topic at hand.

  4. Be willing to champion issues.

    Issues may be filed by anyone; each issue has a designated (preferably volunteer) champion on the Committee, who will present it to us for discussion. That might include re-drafting the issue to conform to current Committee practices. The final form of any changes to the DWARF specification remains the responsibility of the Editor.

  5. Participate on the dwarf-workgroup mailing list.

    This members-only list is where we discuss topics outside of business meetings. Topics might include issues before the Committee; ideas that might result in new issues being filed; and any other relevant topics. People often post revisions to their issues on the mailing list, which helps everyone stay current; of course the website has the definitive content for each issue. Committee meeting announcements, agendas, and minutes are also posted to the mailing list.

Note: Attendance is recorded in the minutes, and champions are listed on the website. There is no formal tracking for anything else.