Issue 141215.2: Mark deleted member functions

Author: Cary Coutant
Champion: Cary Coutant
Date submitted: 2014-12-15
Date revised:
Date closed:
Type: Enhancement
Status: Accepted with modificaitons
DWARF Version: 5
Add the following row to Table 2.2 ("Attribute names"):

    Attribute        Identifies or Specifies
    ---------        -----------------------
    DW_AT_deleted    Whether a member function has been
                     declared as deleted

Add the following paragraph to Section 5.7.7 ("Member Function

    In C++, a member function may be declared as deleted. This
    prevents the compiler from generating a default
    implementation of a special member function such as a
    constructor or destructor, and can affect overload resolution
    when used on other member functions.

    If the member function entry has been declared as deleted,
    then that entry has a DW_AT_deleted attribute.

Add the following rows to Table 7.5 ("Attribute encodings"):

    Attribute name          Value   Classes
    --------------          -----   -------
    DW_AT_deleted           xxx     flag

In Appendix A, Table A.1 ("Attributes by tag value"), add
DW_AT_deleted to DW_TAG_subprogram.

2014/12/15 -- Replacement for 141003.1
2015/01/23 -- Accepted, with changes to non-normative text
2015/02/20 -- Non-normative text added.