Issue 100430.1: aranges does not have debug info length

Author: Tom Tromey
Champion: Cary Coutant
Date submitted: 2010-04-30
Date revised:
Date closed:
Type: Enhancement
Status: Withdrawn
DWARF Version: 5
Section 6.1.2, pg 121
Currently the .debug_aranges section header contains debug_info_offset.
However, it does not have a debug_info_length field.  Other "index"
sections, such as .debug_pubnames, do have this field.

The lack of this field means that it is not possible to determine
whether a CU is missing aranges information simply by scanning .debug_aranges.
Instead the reader must also scan .debug_info to construct the list
of CUs.

Proposed changes:

Section 6.1.2 (page 113)

In the second paragraph, replace "five values" with "six values".

Rearrange the fields following "version" and add a sixth field,
as follows:

3. address_size (ubyte)

4. segment_size (ubyte)

5. debug_info_offset (section offset)

6. debug_info_length (section length)
   The size in bytes of the contents of the .debug_info section
   generated to represent that compilation unit.

Appendix G (page 306)

For .debug_aranges, change the version number in the "V5" column to 5.

3/19/2014 -- Withdrawn.  Not clear about this has utility.