Issue 160602.1: Minor error in example hex value

Author: Paul Bowen-Huggett
Date submitted: 2016-06-02
Date revised:
Date closed:
Type: Editorial
Status: Accepted
DWARF Version: 5
Section Appendix E, Figure 9, pg 279
A very minor error one of the hex values in Figure 92 ("Type signature 
computation #1:flattened byte stream") of the DWARF4 specification (June 
10, 2010).

One of the lines describing "Step 7. Second child ("y")" has the ASCII code 
for the letter 'x' (0x78) rather than the letter 'y' (0x79).

//Step 4: 'A' DW_AT_name DW_FORM_string "y"
0x41 0x03 0x08 0x78 0x00

The final MD5-derived result is consistent with this value being 0x79.

12/06/2016 -- Accepted.