Issue 161215.1: Missing DW_AT_producer in .debug_names

Author: Jan Kratochvil
Date submitted: 2016-12-15
Date revised:
Date closed:
Type: Improvement
Status: Rejected
DWARF Version: 5
Section, pg 143
All other debug sections are assumed to be produced by the same compiler so one can 
read DW_AT_producer from .debug_info.

DW_AT_producer is useful to selectively apply various producer-bugs workarounds (such
as GDB->dwarf2_frame_find_quirks->producer_is_realview - for .debug_frame and not for

The difference for .debug_names is that it is typically produced by some other tool 
than the CU(s) compiler.

.debug_names header contains augmentation string but its contents depends on the vendor.
If the vendor does not supply its .debug_names producer version into that string then 
there is no way to later identify presence of producer bugs in existing binaries in wild.


Rejected 1/3/2017.
Consumers should used features described in DWARF and not depend on the producer ID.