Public Comments

The DWARF Committee invites comments from the public about the DWARF Version 5 Standard. Comments may range from grammatical or editorial notes, to requests for clarification, to suggestions for modifications to the standard.

Please send comments to the dwarf-discuss mailing list. Please provide the section number, page number, and type of comment in your email.

The type of comment can be:

Guidelines for Writing Proposals

Please keep in mind the following guidelines when submitting proposals:

Please see the sample template for proposals that reflects some of the best practices we have observed. Following this template will help the committee understand your proposal.

Proposals for a change to the DWARF Standard will be assigned an issue number, and will be reviewed by the committee. The proposal may be assigned a champion on the committee who may contact the original author for additional information or background. When the committee has decided to accept or reject the proposal, we will report the decision to the original author, and it will be listed on the Current Issues page. For more information about the life of a proposal, see the Procedures page.

Terms and Conditions

In submitting a comment or a proposal to the committee, you agree to the following terms and conditions: