Sample Proposal

Over the years we’ve found the following rough outline to be helpful. Depending on the proposal, not all of these sections are necessary.

The title of the proposal should be specific and descriptive. Please avoid vague titles such as “Extensions,” “Improvements,” or “Clarifications.”

We use the markdown language (basic syntax with table extensions) to render issues on the website. You can use the following template as a starting point:

# Title

## Background

Describe why the current DWARF Standard cannot do what you need to do,
or why it is inadequate. Provide any background information about the
problem you’re trying to address with this proposal. Please try to be as
concise as possible.

## Overview

Provide a brief overview of the changes you’re proposing. Describe how
the proposed changes will improve the standard.

## Proposed Changes

We advise citing specific document page and line numbers, with quotes of
small parts of the existing text where necessary, followed by the
suggested revisions.

## Dependencies

Usually there should not be dependencies on other issues. If there are,
please list them here.

## References

References to additional relevant documents. These should not be
required reading, however; the background and overview should provide
enough information that the proposal can stand on its own.