Issue 230502.1: New language name for Mojo

Author: Walter Erquinigo
Date submitted: 2023-05-02
Date revised:
Date closed: 2023-06-08
Type: Enhancement
Status: Lang code assigned
DWARF Version: 6

I'm kindly requesting the addition of a new language name to describe Mojo. The Mojo language is described in

Proposed Changes

[Section 3.1.1, pg 62, Table 3.1. Language Names] - Add

DW_LANG_Mojo  Mojo

[Section 7.12, Figure 7-17. Language Encodings] - Add

DW_LANG_Mojo  TBA  default lower bound = 0

2023-06-08: Accepted. Assigned values:

DW_LANG_Mojo   0x0033
DW_LNAME_Mojo  0x001f