Issue 230223.1: Tidy up location description description

Author: Paul Robinson
Date submitted: 2023-02-23
Date revised: 2023-07-21
Date closed: 2023-07-10
Type: Editorial
Status: Accepted
DWARF Version: 6

Section 2.6, pg 38-39

Two editorial fixes for location descriptions.

A. exprloc contains a single location description

According to section 2.6, location descriptions can have one of two forms: single location descriptions, or location lists. However, the last sentence on p.38 doesn't quite get this right.

Original sentence:

As the value of an attribute, a location description is encoded using class exprloc and a location list is encoded using class loclist (which serves as an index into a separate section containing location lists).

Insert "single" into the first line, to make this read correctly:

... a single location description is encoded using class exprloc ...

B. The description is not the object

Section says:

A simple location description consists of one contiguous piece or all of an object or value.

Replace "consists of" with "represents" (the usual word we use in this section) or possibly "describes" (which we probably mostly avoid because of the unfortunate sound of "description describes").

2023-07-10: Accepted.