Issue 221203.1: Remove suggestion that DW_FORM_sec_offset may not be used for lists in splitunit

Author: David Blaikie
Champion: David Blaikie
Date submitted: 2022-12-03
Date revised: 2023-12-11
Date closed:
Type: Error
Status: Open
DWARF Version: 6

Section 7.28,7.29, pg 242,244

Both 7.28 (Range List Table) and 7.29 (Location List Table) mention, in a non-normative comment:

"[use of rnglistx] is necessary in split units and may be more compact than using DW_FORM_sec_offset in non-split units"

But figure B.2 (page 278, explained on page 280) says that DW_FORM_sec_offset may be used to reference .debug_rnglists.dwo from .debug_info.dwo.

I think the latter is correct & the former non-normative comments should be removed/amended.

In addition, we should clarify what DW_FORM_sec_offset means in Split Units.

2023-10-13: Revised to disallow the form.

2023-10-30: Revisited original proposal. Perhaps the form should be allowed, but add wording explaining how it applies in a .dwo and .dwp file.

2023-12-11: Revised based on original proposal. Added clarifications for split units.