Issue 221118.1: Name Table

Author: David Anderson
Champion: David Anderson
Date submitted: 2022-11-18
Date revised:
Date closed: 2023-06-26
Type: Editorial
Status: Accepted
DWARF Version: 6

Section, pg 147

DWARF5 Entry Pool

Editorial Change requested.


This requests a minor clarification of the wording.

The data in an entry pool is

abbrev code

attribute values as defined by the abbreviations for that code
(the abbrevs are in the name table abbrev section of course).


DWARF5 text page 147:

Lines 8-11

"Each index entry in the series begins with an abbreviation code, and is followed by the attributes described by the abbreviation declaration for that code. The last index entry in the series is followed by a terminating entry whose abbreviation code is 0.""

The 'attributes' themselves are not in the entry pool, they are in the abbrev section of the name table.

So, for greater clarity of this paragraph:


"is followed by the attributes described by the"


"is followed by the index attribute values described by the"

2023-06-26: Accepted