Issue 220713.1: Name Table Figure 6.1 page 140

Author: David Anderson
Champion: David Anderson
Date submitted: 2022-07-13
Date revised: 2023-03-29
Date closed: 2023-04-03
Type: Editorial
Status: Accepted
DWARF Version: 6

DWARF5 Section, page 140

The Bottom part of Figure 6.1 pages 139 and 140 referencing abbreviations and index entries is misleading. Page 139 omits mention of the abbrev table. Page 140 also omits the abbrev table and uses incorrect terminology for the Entry Pool.

As to terminology, notice Section 2.2 Attribute types which begins "Each attribute value is characterized by an attribute name." Page 23 line three uses "attribute value" too.

The new pages correctly categorize these two tables.

The new Page 140 shows Abbreviations. (Note that where it says "idx attr" it should, for consistency say "idx attr name".)

FORMs really only have a name, so simply calling something a FORM is sufficiently precise.

The new Page 141 shows Index Entries. Note this refers to attribute value in the right hand expanded index entry whereas "index attribute value" is more correct.

What follows incorporates significant suggestions by Ron Brender on how things could look.

Given the difficulty of communicating a graphic with text wording Ron B prepared a pdf of the proposed look after he and I refined and clarified the plain-text version of the proposal.

Here is a three page pdf of Figure 6.1, the whole figure. The change here is the bottom box of page 142 in the pdf and the top boxes on page 143.

Proposed Figure 6.1

2022-12-05: Revised
2023-03-29: Revised
2023-04-03: Accepted. The figure will be updated as described in the proposal update.