Issue 220711.1: Name Table index attribute

Author: David Anderson
Champion: David Anderson
Date submitted: 2022-07-11
Date revised:
Date closed: 2022-11-14
Type: Editorial
Status: Accepted
DWARF Version: 6
Section 6.1.1, pg various
The Name Table, section 6.1.1, uses the word
attribute on pages 141,142,146, and 147.

Uses it twenty or so times.

In all cases on these pages it means
      'index attribute', DW_IDX_
      not DW_AT

(see also Issue 200505.3, which addressed a tiny
piece of this)

I suggest that in every one of these cases
it should explicitly say 'index attribute'
(or 'index attributes' as appropriate)
to avoid confusing the reader.

Here intentionally ignoring the diagrams on pages 139, 140
here as the minor misleading aspects there will be a separate Issue.

2022-11-14:  Accepted.