Issue 220708.1: Remove edge (fo) from Figure B.2

Author: David Blaikie
Champion: David Blaikie
Date submitted: 2022-07-08
Date revised:
Date closed: 2022-11-14
Type: Error
Status: Accepted
DWARF Version: 6
Section B.2, pg 278
  Page 280 describes the (fo) link is described as "The operand of the 
DW_OP_call_ref DWARF expression operator is the offset of a debugging 
information entry in the debug_info.dwo section of another compilation 
unit. Similar for attribute operands that use DW_FORM_ref_addr."


  "I think the (fo) link is not possible right now (there's no way to 
  compute cross-CU references currently, they would require the packaging 
  tool to fixup the offsets, which is an anti-goal) - 
  for more context on that."

It's also unclear how two CUs would be produced in a single DWO (to allow 
a cross-unit reference between them to be produced, ignoring how that would 
be handled during packaging/DWP creation).

Proposed Resolution:
  Remove (fo) from Figure B.2 and the associated list of edge descriptions
  that follows/is part of the figure.

2022-11-14:  Accepted.