Issue 210204.1: Create DW_LANG assignment registry

Author: Michael Eager
Champion: Michael Eager
Date submitted: 2021-02-04
Date revised:
Date closed: 2021-02-22
Type: Enhancement
Status: Accepted with modification
DWARF Version: 6
Section 3.1.1, pg 62
There are occasional requests to assign a new DW_LANG code.  Rather than have
these assignments wait in limbo until the next version of the DWARF Standard, 
it would be better to assign them on the fly, as needed.  This would avoid 
confusion, different languages using the same code, or the long-term use of
values in the user-assigned range.

Committee chair can assign DW_LANG codes as needed.  List of codes will 
be displayed on DWARF website.

02/22/21 -- Accepted with modification
A registration page for languge codes and array lower bounds will be created.
Proposed language code assignments will be copied to DWARF mailing list for comment.