Issue 210113.1: Zero-length entries in .debug_aranges

Author: Paul Robinson
Champion: Tom Russell
Date submitted: 2021-01-13
Date revised: 2022-02-28
Date closed: 2022-03-07
Type: Improvement
Status: Accepted
DWARF Version: 6
Section 6.1.2, pg 148

The .debug_aranges section provides information about the address ranges
associated with a particular compilation unit. It explicitly states that the
ranges must be non-zero length.  Discussion around using zero length ranges
to represent a removed range, revealed that some compilers can create valid
entities, such as functions, which are zero length. I therefore propose
removing the non-zero requirement.

No further requirement, or recommendation, on how a consumer should
interpret such a range is required. It can, for example, choose to ignore it.

Textual changes:

Section 6.1.2, p.148
- Line 13: Remove "non-zero"

2022-02-28:  Revised:  Remove non-normative text and update discussion.
2022-03-07:  Accepted.