Issue 200505.7: Declarations with reduced scope

Author: David Anderson
Champion: Ron Brender
Date submitted: 2020-05-05
Date revised: 2021-03-14
Date closed: 2021-10-18
Type: Editorial
Status: Accepted
DWARF Version: 6
Section 3.9, pg 94

page 94 line 26 ends with

"base address entry, a default location entry or an end-of-list entry."

The phrase ", a default location entry" should be deleted.

According to our esteemed editor that is an accident, 
copy-paste error from the very similar loclists section wording.
It does not apply to rnglists.


The Editor concurs with his esteemed opinion of many moons ago. 

Delete the errant phrase as recommended.

2021-03-14 -- Updated
2021-10-18 -- Accepted