Issue 200427.1: Missing link in section relationships

Author: Paul T Robinson
Champion: Ron Brender
Date submitted: 2020-04-27
Date revised: 2021-06-13
Date closed: 2021-06-14
Type: Editorial
Status: Accepted with modification
DWARF Version: 6

In Section B.1, pg 274:

1) Figure B.1 "Debug section relationships" is missing an arc from
.debug_rnglists to .debug_addr; the arc should be there because of a
couple of DW_RLE entry types that use .debug_addr indexes.

2) Along the same lines, the arc from .debug_loclists to .debug_addr
and note (o) to the figure mention only two DW_OP expression opcodes,
there are also a couple of DW_LLE entry types that use .debug_addr


The issue statement is correct. To fix things:

1) Add a new link (t) with a new note at the end of page 275:

(t) .debug_rnglists to .debug_addr
    Some operands of DW_RLE_base_addressx, DW_RLE_startx_endx and
    DW_RLE_startx_length range list entries are an index into the
    .debug_addr section.

2) Add the following to Note (o) on page 274:

    Also, some operands of DW_LLE_base_addressx, DW_LLE_startx_endx and
    DW_LLE_startx_length location list entries are an
    index into the .debug_addr section.
3) Add the new link (t) in Figure B.1 by rearranging the lower right
corner of the figure. Briefly, the circled A, the (r,s) link and the
.debug_line_str section are moved up to make room to place the new link.
This is not shown here but will be available when the next draft of the
document is available. 

See figure:

03/16/21 -- Updated
06/13/21 -- Added link to figure
06/14/21 -- Accepted with modification: Add text to explain diagram style.