Issue 190407.1: Adding Zig Language Attribute

Author: Shawn Landden
Champion: Michael Eager
Date submitted: 2019-04-07
Date revised:
Date closed: 2021-03-02
Type: Editorial
Status: Lang code assigned
DWARF Version: 6

Section 3.1.1, pg 62

The Zig language is described at

Propose to add a new language name to describe Zig.

In section 3.1.1, Table 3.1. Language Names, add

DW_LANG_Zig  Zig

to the list of supported languages.

In section 7.12, Figure 7-17. Language Encodings, add

DW_LANG_Zig  0x0026  default lower bound = 0

2021-03-02: Assigned value 0x0027 (note different value)