Issue 181026.3: Don't forbid extensions to the dwp file

Author: Paul Robinson
Champion: Jeremy Morse
Date submitted: 2018-10-26
Date revised: 2023-07-05
Date closed: 2023-06-26
Type: Improvement
Status: Accepted
DWARF Version: 6

Section 7.3.5, pg 190

Section 7.3.5, p.190, line 10 says a package file "consists only of" various things. Replace "consists only of" with "contains" to permit extensions.

As a very hypothetical example, this change permits a toolchain to link split DWARF into the executable file, instead of separate .dwo/.dwp files. This potentially simplifies split-DWARF management by permitting all .dwo/.dwp information to be kept in the .o/executable files. While this tactic does not provide any link-time improvements, it does provide the same improvements to debugger load time as the original split-DWARF mechanism, while allowing users to manage only one actual file (instead of an executable/.dwp pair of files).

2023-06-26: Accepted