Issue 180914.1: Line Number Program Header directories_count field missing note.

Author: Paul Bowen-Huggett
Champion: Ron Brender
Date submitted: 2018-09-14
Date revised:
Date closed: 2021-10-04
Type: Editorial
Status: Accepted
DWARF Version: 6
Section 6.2.4, pg 156

Entry 15 in the list of header fields is "directories_count". This field was added
in DWARF5, but this isn't mentioned in the document which implies that it should be 
present for all versions of the line number header. Other fields have a note at the 
end of their text which notes DWARF5 changes but this is missing here.


This is definitely an oversight in the DWARF V5 document. However, all such notes,
which are specific to a particular version of DWARF, are always removed in subsequent
versions. As a result, this is not an issue for the V6 document and no action is

p.s. If an addendum or errata for Version 5 were ever created it would be appropriate
to correct this omission. 

2021-10-04:  Accepted.  No change to standard, will add to errata.