DWARF Standard


181003.1 Paul T Robinson Forbid DW_OP_call_ref/DW_FORM_ref_addr in a .dwo section Error Open Jeremy Morse

Section 3.1, pg 

DW_OP_call_ref (and DW_FORM_ref_addr) probably should be forbidden in 
a .dwo section, because they require relocations and a .dwo cannot have 

DW_OP_call_ref is explicitly forbidden in a type unit although that
restriction is in non-normative text (Section 7.32, p.249 line 7).
I don't see DW_FORM_ref_addr having that same restriction explicitly,
although the same reasoning would apply.

This came up in the context of trying to dump .debug_loclists.dwo
and what sorts of operands it might encounter.

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