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DWARF Version 4 Resolved Issues

The following table lists issues about the DWARF standard which have been resolved.  For details on an issue, follow the link from the issue number.  To submit an issue, please go to the Public Comment page.

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Status descriptions:

  • Accepted:  The issue was evaluated and the proposal was accepted without change.
  • Accepted pending revision:  The issue was evaluated and the proposal provisionally accepted, pending submission of revised wording.
  • Accepted with modifications:  The issue was evaluated and the proposal was accepted with modifications or a substitute proposal was accepted.  
  • Closed:  The issue was closed without modification to the standard.   
  • Duplicate:  The issue is a duplicate of another issue.
  • Deferred:  The issue will be reconsidered at a later time.
  • Rejected:  The issue was evaluated but the proposal was not accepted.
Detailed description of the resolution of an issue are listed at the bottom of each resolved issue.

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040928.1 Don Darling Add Address Size to Frame Info Extension Jim Blandy Accepted
060615.1 Stephane Chauveau Address size clarification Clarification Closed
070426.1 Cary Coutant Constant expressions in location lists Extension Accepted
070426.2 Cary Coutant Support bundled instructions Extension Accepted
070512.1 Dave Anderson Clarify location expressions Editorial Dave Anderson Accepted with modifications
070516.1 Ron Brender Section offset FORMs Extension Ron Brender Accepted
070519.1 Michael Eager Line table support for VLIW Extension Michael Eager Rejected
070619.1 Chris Quenelle/Michael Eager Identify main function Extension Michael Eager Accepted with modifications
070709.1 Jim Blandy Segment terminology cleanup Editorial Jim Blandy Accepted
070716.1 Todd Allen Encode High-PC as constant offset from Low-PC Extension Todd Allen Accepted
071227.1 John Bishop Calculate value in DWARF expression Extension Bishop/Blandy Accepted with changes
080112.1 Cary Coutant FORM Reform Proposal 1: Reference Class Forms Extension Cary Coutant Rejected
080112.2 Cary Coutant FORM Reform Proposal 2: Block Class Forms and Expressions Extension Cary Coutant Accepted with changes
080112.3 Cary Coutant FORM Reform Proposal 3: Implicit Flag Form Extension Cary Coutant Approved with changes
080128.1 Cary Coutant Clarify recommendations for filenames Improvement Cary Coutant Accepted with modification
080205.1 Julian Seward Location List inconsistency? Ambiguity Closed -- explanation
080404.1 Cary Coutant Calculate value in DWARF expression Extension Coutant Rejected
080422.1 Joel Brobecker default lower bound of DW_TAG_subrange_type for Ada Extension Accepted
080516.1 Ron Brender Default Array Lower Bounds Extension Ron Brender Accepted
080621.1 David Anderson Sharing Abbreviations Clarification Anderson Accepted
080622.1 Ron Brender Multiple entry stack values Clarification Brender Accepted
080930.1 Cary Coutant Using COMDAT Sections to Reduce the Size of DWARF Debug Information Enhancement Cary Coutant Accepted
081130.1 Ron Brender Packed unaligned bit fields Enhancement Ron Brender Accepted
081211.1 Ron Brender Allow DW_AT_bit_size like DW_AT_byte_size Enhancement Ron Brender Accepted
090106.1 Kendrick Wong Support C++0x r-value reference Enhancement Kendrick Wong Accepted
090107.1 Kendrick Wong Support C++0x generalized constant expression - user-defined literal Enhancement Kendrick Wong Accepted
090107.2 Kendrick Wong Support C++0x Variadic templates Enhancement Kendrick Wong Rejected
090109.1 Kendrick Wong Support C++0x new string literals Enhancement Kendrick Wong Accepted
090112.1 Kendrick Wong Support C++0x template aliases Enhancement Kendrick Wong Accepted
090128.1 Cary Coutant Line Number Table to Support Profiling Enhancement Cary Coutant Accepted with modifications
090303.1 Kendrick Wong Support C++0x strongly typed enumerations Enhancement Kendrick Wong Accepted with modifications
090321.1 Jan Kratochvil DW_AT_declaration inheritance by DW_AT_specification Ambiguity John Bishop Accepted with modifications
090402.1 John DelSignore DWARF support for overlays Clarification John DelSignore Rejected
090402.2 Paul Robinson Clarify DW_TAG_condition_name Editorial Paul Robinson Accepted
090406.1 Todd Allen Template types Clarification Todd Allen Accepted
090503.1 Ron Brender DW_OP_linkage_name and DW_OP_linkage_name_ptr operations Enhancement Ron Brender Rejected
090707.1 Todd Allen Template types appendix Editorial Todd Allen Accepted with modifications
090715.1 Ron Brender Add a DW_AT_linkage_name attribute Enhancement Ron Brender Accepted with modifications
090720.1 Cary Coutant Add DW_LANG_Python Enhancement Cary Coutant Accepted
100308.1 David Gross Typo, pg 37 Editorial David Gross Accepted
100308.2 David Gross Typo, pg 48 Editorial David Gross Accepted
100308.3 David Gross Typo, pg 110 Editorial David Gross Accepted
100308.4 David Gross Typo, pg 188 Editorial David Gross Accepted
100308.5 David Gross Typo, pg 236 Editorial David Gross Accepted
100308.6 David Gross Typo, pg 151 Editorial David Gross Rejected
100308.7 David Gross Typo, pg 281 Editorial David Gross Accepted
100308.8 David Gross Type signatures for function definitions Clarification David Gross Accpeted with modifications
100316.1 David Anderson Errors in, Editorial David Anderson Accepted
100416.1 Jan Kratochvil Static and Dynamic Values unclear reference+exprloc Clarification Accepted
100416.2 Jakub Jelinek DW_AT_lower_bound default for DW_LANG_Python Ambiguity Accepted
100419.1 Jakub Jelinek DW_ATE_UTF Ambiguity Accepted
100419.2 Jakub Jelinek Typo in Figure 76 Editorial Accepted
100419.3 Jakub Jelinek Index doesn't reference DW_ATE_decimal_float on page 77 Editorial Accepted
100419.4 Jakub Jelinek DW_AT_linkage_name for DW_TAG_member Clarification Answered
100421.1 Jakub Jelinek DW_AT_linkage_name for DW_TAG_common_block Clarification Accepted
100423.1 David Anderson Abstract root clarification Editorial Accepted
100427.1 Roland McGrath formatting error in enumerated list, items 5/6 Editorial Accepted
100427.2 Roland McGrath clarify CFA ops "keep the old register/offset" cases vs DWARF expression case Clarification Accepted
100517.1 Jakub Jelinek Implicit location descriptions not mentioned in DW_OP_bit_piece description Clarification Accepted
101203.1 Kendrick Wong Describing Fortran descriptors Enhancement Kendrick Wong Withdrawn

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