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DWARF Version 3 Resolved Issues

The following table lists issues about the DWARF standard which have been resolved.  For details on an issue, follow the link from the issue number.  To submit an issue, please go to the Public Comment page.

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Status descriptions:

  • Accepted:  The issue was evaluated and the proposal was accepted without change.
  • Accepted pending revision:  The issue was evaluated and the proposal provisionally accepted, pending submission of revised wording.
  • Accepted with modifications:  The issue was evaluated and the proposal was accepted with modifications or a substitute proposal was accepted.  
  • Closed:  The issue was closed without modification to the standard.   
  • Duplicate:  The issue is a duplicate of another issue.
  • Deferred:  The issue will be reconsidered at a later time.
  • Rejected:  The issue was evaluated but the proposal was not accepted.
Detailed description of the resolution of an issue are listed at the bottom of each resolved issue.

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011219.1 David Anderson Clarification of DW_OP_le etc. Clarification James Cownie Accepted
011228.1 David Anderson UTF-8 Clarification Clarification Dave Anderson Accepted with modifications
020101.1 Ron Brender DW_AT_allocated type Editorial Ron Brender Accepted with modifications
020118.1 Ron Brender Opcode_base Value Editorial Ron Brender Accepted with modifications
020201.1 Keith Walker DW_AT_segment Clarification Matthew Gretton-Dann Accepted with modifications
020202.1 Al Dunsmuir DW_LNS_set_isa Incomplete Clarification Jeff Nelson Accepted with modifications
020401.1 Ron Brender Cobol Data Types Extension Ron Brender Accepted with modifications
020612.1 Jim Blandy Thread-local Storage Extension Jim Blandy Accepted with modifications
020702.1 James Cownie FORM_data<n> signed or unsigned. Clarification James Cownie Accepted
020705.1 Jim Blandy Call Frame Instructions Editorial Jim Blandy Accepted
020712.1 Todd Allen New operator: DW_OP_call_frame_cfa Extension Todd Allen Accepted
020902.1 David Anderson Describing the Stack Pointer in the Call Frame Information Extension Matthew Gretton-Dann Accepted with modifications
021016.1 David Anderson C++ namespaces example Editorial John DelSignore Accepted
021206.1 David Anderson CFI addressing unit size Extension Jim Blandy Accepted with modifications
030318.1 David Anderson DW_AT_ranges and address size Clarification Dave Anderson Accepted with modification
030603.1 Keith Walker Static data members Clarification Matthew Gretton-Dann Accepted with modification
030626.1 David Anderson DW_AT_start_scope and discontiguous scopes Clarification None Accepted with modifications
030716.1 Brian Nettleton Catch Block Entries Editorial Chris Quenelle Accepted with modification
030812.1 Unclear Return Address Clarification Editorial Todd Allen Accepted pending revision
030812.2 David Anderson CFA Calculation Extension Todd Allen Accepted with modifications
030813.1 Andrew Cagney CIE initial state Clarification Todd Allen Accepted
030814.1 Chris Quenelle Separate compilation units Clarification None Closed - no change
030815.1 Daniel Jacobowitz Describing Unsaved Stack Pointers Extension Jason Molenda Duplicate of 030812.2
030915.1 David Anderson Line Number Small Omission Editorial Dave Anderson Accepted with modifications
031001.1 Chris Quenelle Index Info Extension Chris Quenelle Closed
031002.1 Andrew Cagney Where is OP_piece Value Stored? Clarification Jim Blandy Accepted
031002.2 Michael Eager Endianity Proposal Extension Michael Eager Accepted with modifications
031203.1 Jason Molenda Objective C Language Codes Extension Jason Molenda Accepted
031203.2 James Cownie UPC Language Code Extension James Cownie Closed - See 050224.1
040113.1 Jason Molenda Use HEX not DEC in tables Editorial Jim Blandy Accepted
040308.1 Jason Molenda Version Numbering Clarification Jason Molenda Accepted with modifications
040405.1 David Anderson DW_AT_decl_file signedness Editorial Jason Molenda Accepted as modified
040511.1 David Anderson Static Member Function Clarification Matthew Gretton-Dann Accepted with modifications
040618.1 James Cownie Explicit Type for Enumerations Extension James Cownie Accepted with modifications
040729.1 David Anderson Outermost Frame Identification Extension Todd Allen Accepted revised proposal
040909.1 Alasdair Grant DW_AT_default_value Extension Matthew Gretton-Dann Accepted with modification
041108.1 David Anderson Is Extra Padding Allowed Clarification Matthew Gretton-Dann Closed with no change
050222.1 Daniel Berlin Location list entries should allow ending address to be same as starting address Error Daniel Berlin Accepted
050223.1 Al Grant mutable is not a C++ type qualifier Error Ben Elliston Accepted
050224.1 James Cownie UPC support Enhancement James Cownie Accepted
050317.1 Ben Elliston Extensions for decimal floating point Enhancement Ben Elliston Accepted with modifications
050408.1 John Demme D Language Support Extension Michael Eager Accepted
050510.1 Jeff Nelson DW_AT_frame_base clarifications Clarification Jeff Nelson Accepted
050518.1 John Bishop DW_OP_bit_piece Enhancement John Bishop Accepted
050616.1 Ron Brender Null entries and null sibling references Clarification Ron Brender Closed
050701.1 Ron Brender and Jim Blandy Improve description of DW_OP_piece, with small extension Improvement Ron Brender Accepted
050711.1 Matthew Gretton-Dann Specification of compiled units which are not 'named disk files' Error Matthew Gretton-Dann Accepted
050711.2 Chris Quenelle Add DW_AT_object_pointer for "this" parameters Enhancement Chris Quenelle Accepted with modifications
050712.1 Chris Quenelle C++ explicit keyword Enhancement Chris Quenelle Accepted
050715.1 Ron Brender Slices of bit arrays Enhancement Ron Brender Accepted
050715.2 Ron Brender Bit strides and byte strides Improvement Ron Brender Accepted
050718.1 Jim Cownie FORTRAN extensions Extension Ron Brender Accepted with modification
050720.1 Chris Quenelle DW_AT_mutable (replaces DW_TAG_mutable_type) Enhancement Chris Quenelle Accpeted
050720.2 Chris Quenelle DW_AT_object_pointer (v2) Enhancement Chris Quenelle Closed - Duplicate
050726.1 John Bishop Meanings of "basic_block" and "end_sequence" Improvement John Bishop Rejected with explaination
050731.1 Todd Allen Change D.2.2 Ada example to reference upper bound memory directly Editorial Todd Allen Accepted
050808.1 John Bishop Discontiguous scopes Clarification Ron Brender Accepted without change
050808.2 Wu Zhou Add a new entry to identify the main function in a program Enhancement Closed

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