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DWARF 3.0 Standard

DWARF 3.0 Standard

The DWARF 3.0 Debugging Format Standard is based on the DWARF 2.0 Standard. It is, with only limited exceptions, a upward compatible extension to the previous standard.

The major enhancements in DWARF 3.0 are

  • Support debugging data files larger than 4 GBytes
  • Allow references to debugging information entries in other shared libraries
  • Support Fortran 90 modules as well as allocatable array and pointer types
  • Support C (as revised for 1999)
  • Support Java
  • Namespace support for C++
  • Add optional section for global type names
  • Use UTF-8 for name strings
  • Improved support for optimized code
  • Improve the ability to eliminate duplicate debug info
The DWARF Version 3 Standard has been superceded by DWARF Version 4.
Download the DWARF 3.0 Standard (PDF) or (MS Word) here.

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