DWARF Standard


180503.1 Paul Robinson Usage suggestion for LEB128 padding Improvement Open

Section 7.6, pg 222
Values in the LEB128 format are not required to be minimum length; this is a good thing,
as it allows a producer to pad or align data by inserting leading zero or sign-extension
bytes that don't affect the decoded value.  However, consumers should not be expected to
handle arbitrarily long padding strings.  A non-normative comment to this effect would
seem like a reasonable way to guide producers.  I suggest the following.

Some producers may choose to insert padding or alignment bytes by retaining (not discarding)
one or more high-order bytes that would not affect the decoded value.  Note that consumers
are unlikely to tolerate arbitrarily long LEB128 numbers.  A 64-bit value requires at most
ten bytes to encode, so a consumer might reject LEB128 numbers longer than ten bytes.

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