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100419.4 Jakub Jelinek DW_AT_linkage_name for DW_TAG_member Clarification Answered

Section 2.22, pg 41

Shouldn't DW_AT_linkage_name also be allowed on DW_TAG_member for C++ static data members?

This would mean adding DW_TAG_member to the list in 2.22, adding DW_AT_linkage_name 
to DW_TAG_member in Figure 42 on page 200 in Appendix A and mentioning in 5.5.6 that 
DW_TAG_member for C++ static data member may have a DW_AT_linkage_name attribute.


The DW_AT_linkage_name is an attribute of a DW_TAG_variable.  There should always
be a DW_TAG_variable which provides the definition of a C++ static data member.
The DW_TAG_class_type (containing DW_TAG_member) describes a data type, not 
an instance of that type.  

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