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100308.8 David Gross Type signatures for function definitions Clarification Accpeted with modifications David Gross

Appendix E.2, pg 281:
We do not have the text to describe handling of function definitions.

add simplified example or nonnormative text to
indicate fn dfns (inline, outline).
     inline: 2 trees -- type unit
                        debug info: skeletal type decl containing
                                    member fn defn
     outline: 3 trees - type unit
                        debug info: skeletal type decl
                                    member fn defn points to decl


Add following non-normative text at end of 7.27:

If a type definition contains the definition of a member function, it
cannot be moved as it into a type unit, because the member function
contains attributes that are unique to that compilation unit. Such a
type definition can be moved to a type unit by rewriting the DIE tree,
moving the member function declaration into a separate declaration
tree, and replacing the function definition in the type with a
non-defining declaration of the function (as if the function had been
defined out of line).

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