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090106.1 Kendrick Wong Support C++0x r-value reference Enhancement Accepted Kendrick Wong


C++0x adds R-Value references.  An article describing these
can be found at http://www.artima.com/cppsource/rvalue.html.
An rvalue reference behaves just like an lvalue reference 
except that it can bind to a temporary (an rvalue).


L-value reference is indicated by a single ampersand: &. 
R-value reference is indicated by two ampersands: &&.

The R-value reference can be passed into function as non-const 
values, thus allowing an object to modify them.  This is useful 
for creating move semantics, so r-value can be accepted and 
returned without calling the copy constructor.

   A&  ref1 = A();  // Error!
   A&& ref2 = A();  // Ok

Both lvalue reference and rvalue reference can participate in

Proposed Changes to the DWARF Specification

New DWARF tag:
|DW_TAG_rvalue_reference_type | 0x41 | C++0x R-value reference type |

Allowable attributes: (modeled after DW_TAG_reference_type)
* DW_AT_address_class
* DW_AT_allocated
* DW_AT_associated
* DW_AT_data_location
* DW_AT_name
* DW_AT_sibling
* DW_AT_type


   A&& ref2;

   <1><  xxx>      DW_TAG_class_type
                   DW_AT_name                  A
   <1><  yyy>      DW_TAG_rvalue_reference_type
                   DW_AT_type                  <xxx>
   <1><  zzz>      DW_TAG_variable
                   DW_AT_name                  ref2
                   DW_AT_type                  <yyy>

Accepted Feb 3, 2009.  Editor will assign TAG values.  

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