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080621.1 David Anderson Sharing Abbreviations Clarification Accepted Anderson

At least one compiler vendor has emitted DWARF not
sharing abbreviations, leading to a large waste of space.

What follows is lightly adapted from Ron Brender's wording suggestion.

Suggested Change:

Add a (normative) sentence before the last sentence of 7.5:
"Multiple debugging information entries may share the same abbreviation
table entry."   Break out the sharing sentences (there are now two of them
in this proposed text) into a separate paragraph.

The  paragraph then ends (showing unchanged sentences
as well as the one new sentence):

 "...Each debugging information entry begins with a code that represents
   an entry in a separate abbreviations table. This code is followed directly
   by a series of attribute values.

   The appropriate entry in the abbreviations table guides the 
   interpretation of the information contained directly in the 
   .debug_info section.

   "Multiple debugging information entries may share the same 
   abbreviation table entry.  Each compilation unit is associated with 
   a particular abbreviation table, but multiple  compilation units may 
   share the same table."



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