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050808.2 Wu Zhou Add a new entry to identify the main function in a program Enhancement Closed

Most C compiler assume the main function to be "main".  Other 
languages might have different names, or even allow it to have 
any name.  If we have an entry to tell what is the main function 
in a program, it will let the debugger to present this to users 
in an intelligent way.  Another debug-info format stabs could 
support this with N_MAIN stab type.


I don't have any detailed proposal yet.  But Daniel Berlin ever 
said it works to bring up DW_TAG_entry_point to handle this. 

Maybe it is also feasible to add another new TAG to handle 
this. To say DW_TAG_main or any others.  The only significant 
attribute I can see now is DW_AT_name. 


Closed due to lack of proposal.

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