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050712.1 Chris Quenelle C++ explicit keyword Enhancement Accepted Chris Quenelle

Section: 5.6.7


C++ defines a keyword "explicit" that can be used to mark
a member function.  This has the semantic side-effect of
inhibiting some kinds of automatic type conversions.

Google found me this description:



Add an attribute called DW_AT_explicit with a flag value that
can be used in a DW_TAG_subprogram dies that correspond to
member functions.

   In 5.6.7 add a new paragraph 3 (after the DW_AT_accessibilty description)

      The member function will have a DW_AT_explicit attribute with
      the value true if that member function was marked with the
      explicit keyword in the source.

   Add DW_AT_explicit to the list next to DW_TAG_subprogram in Appendix A.

   Add DW_AT_explicit to the list of attributes in 2.2 with the
   description:  "Member function declared explicit"

   Add DW_AT_explicit to Figure 19 (Attribute Encodings)
   with a suggested number of 0x62

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