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050408.1 John Demme D Language Support Extension Accepted Michael Eager

There is an emerging language called D.  It is largely compatible with C, 
thus it is already (sort of) capable of generating DWARF information.  
According to http://www.tiobe.com/tpci.htm, as of writing, it's the 30th 
most popular language.  This language is currently used on Linux, Windows, 
and OS X.  There is a gcc-derived compiler in the works, and we expect it 
will eventually become part of the gcc distribution.

More information about D is available at http://www.digitalmars.com/d

Add a Language identifier for the D language.

-Additions to DWARF3 Spec as of November 12, 2003:
Add to Figure 8 ["Language Names"; 3.1.1, pp. 46-47]:

   DW_LANG_D            D

Add to Figure 27 ["Language encodings"; 7.12, p. 153]:

   DW_LANG_ObjC            0x001d

Doesn't really matter what the number is... Unfortunately 0x000d is taken  ;) 

If possible, I would like similar additions made to the DWARF2 spec.

I'm trying to put D support into GDB, so these additions would be invaluable 
in getting D patches added to GDB's main tree.


Accepted, correcting typo: DW_LANG_ObjC should be DW_LANG_D.

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