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031203.2 James Cownie UPC Language Code Extension Closed - See 050224.1 James Cownie

See  http://upc.gwu.edu/

UPC is a new language based on C.

(Documentation then the UPC Quick reference card may be a good place
to start, or maybe "Getting started with UPC". I wouldn't start with
the formal spec !)

> It seems that UPC is really a language extension and not a
> whole new language, or a "level" of a standard language.

Not really.

Although the initial description for users can be condensed into a
small space the full specification remains quite large, and the
implementation is non-trivial (talk to Larry Meadows if you want some
in Sun experience).

The current UPC standard is extensions ISO-C. I cannot imagine anyone
now starting a UPC implementation which was UPC extensions to an older
C dialect.

> Perhaps you want to know, before reading the rest of the tags,
> whether the CU might contain UPC extensions.

But surely you know this from the fact that the language is DW_LANG_Upc.

> If that's the case, it might be better to have a "language_extensions"
> tag, which can contain child tags naming specific extensions.
> But is that really necessary?

I don't believe so. IMO UPC is best treated as a different language
from C. And, in any case DWARF has already taken the view that the
different dialects of C you cited (which are _more_ similar than C and
UPC) are best treated as different languages, so there seems little
reason to change that model on account of UPC.


add the new language code
   DW_LANG_Upc   0x12 or whatever is the next value in the table (sec 7.12).


5/17/2005:  Closed.  This issue will be addressed with 050224.1.

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