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021206.1 David Anderson CFI addressing unit size Extension Accepted with modifications Jim Blandy

David Anderson filing request...

Frederic Riss
raises question about frame information, leading to my comment.

David Anderson
It's a defect of the index of the document that addressing_unit_size
does not appear in the index.

PROPOSAL (editorial): 

Add addressing_unit_size to the index.

Add a definition of the term.
"addressing_unit_size is the size of an address on the target machine".

The term appears in the CFI information, at least, and
similar terms elsewhere.

Add 'address size' to the index (presuming it too appears
in the document)

If 'size of an address' appears add it to the index.


Accepted with the following modification:
  Change "addressing_unit_size" change to "size of address".
  "address_size" should be left as-is when it occurs in the text;
  it's a well defined thing in the debug_info section. 

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