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The following table lists open issues (questions, comments, corrections, etc.) which have been submitted about the current version of the DWARF Debugging Format Standard. To find descriptions of issues resolved in the current or past versions of the standard, follow the links below.

To submit an issue, please go to the Public Comment page.

DWARF issues resolved in DWARF Version 3.

DWARF issues resolved in DWARF Version 4.

DWARF issues resolved in DWARF Version 5.

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140906.1 Cary Coutant Two-Level Line Tables Enhancement Cary Coutant Open
141117.1 Adrian Prantl Arbitrary expressions as formal parameter default values Enhancement Adrian Prantl Open
161018.1 Simon Brand DWARF-embedded source for online-compiled programs Enhancement Open
161109.1 Jakub Jelinek No way to describe Fortran derived types with deferred length components Error Jakub Jelinek Open
161109.2 Jakub Jelinek Add DW_OP_call* alternative to refer to variable value Enhancement Jakub Jelinek Open
161206.2 Andreas Arnez Clarify relationship between DW_OP_piece and DW_OP_bit_piece Clarification Open
170427.1 Alexandre Oliva Location View Numbering Enhancement Open
170427.2 Alexandre Oliva Extending loclists Enhancement Open
170503.1 Vasily Levchenko Adding DW_LANG_Kotlin constant in DW_AT_laguage attribute Enhancement Michael Eager Open
170527.1 Jan Kratochvil DW_IDX_* for static/extern symbols Enhancement Open
171103.1 Mark Wielaard DW_AT_call_origin should be encoded as reference class, not an exprloc Ambiguity Open
171115.1 Andrew Kelley DW_LANG_Zig Enhancement Open
171130.1 ben dunbobbin typo - regression since dwarf3 standard Editorial Open
171130.2 Thomas Anderson Allow $ORIGIN in DW_AT_comp_dir Enhancement Open
171216.1 Aleksandr Povaliaev Extend DW_TAG_compile_unit entry with DW_TAG_hash_value Enhancement Open
180123.1 Pierre-Marie de Rodat Layout of discriminant entries in variant parts Improvement Open
180201.1 Scott Linder DWARF and source text embedding Enhancement Open
180326.1 Paul Robinson Clarify consistency of DWARF 32/64 format with a CU Clarification Open
180426.1 Mark Wielaard Allow DW_FORM_strp_sup in .debug_line vendor defined content descriptions Ambiguity Open
180426.2 Paul T Robinson Line table "comment" opcode Enhancement Open
180503.1 Paul Robinson Usage suggestion for LEB128 padding Improvement Open
180503.2 Sture Carlson DW_LANG_ code for Ada 2005 and Ada 2012 are missing Ambiguity Open
180517.1 Tom Tromey Variant parts without a discriminant Clarification Open
180517.2 Tom Tromey Tagless variant parts Enhancement Open
180613.1 Andrew Cagney 0xffff in tables rendered with spaces Editorial Open
180625.1 Andrew Cagney inconsistent initial length description - missing reference and/or TMI Editorial Open
180914.1 Paul Bowen-Huggett Line Number Program Header directories_count field missing note. Editorial Open
181003.1 Paul T Robinson Forbid DW_OP_call_ref/DW_FORM_ref_addr in a .dwo section Error Open
181019.1 Paul Robinson Inconsistency in DW_AT_import descriptions Clarification Open
181026.1 Paul Robinson Move DW_AT_entry_pc from split full to skeleton unit Enhancement Open
181026.2 Paul Robinson Replace DW_FORM_strp_sup with strp_sup4 and strp_sup8 Enhancement Open
181026.3 Paul Robinson Don't forbid extensions to the dwp file Improvement Open
181205.1 Greg Clayton Clarify DW_OP_piece documentation for parts of values that are optimized out Clarification Open
181223.1 Jordan Frost Add Microsoft SourceLink support Enhancement Open
181223.2 Jordan Frost Adopt Microsoft's Symbol Server Key concept for elf and sym files Enhancement Open
190130.1 Philip Craig Multiple headers in .debug_loclists and .debug_rnglists Ambiguity Open
190225.1 James Harding DW_AT_segment_attribute Clarification Open
190407.1 Shawn Landden Adding Zig Language Attribute Editorial Open
190407.2 Shawn Landden Allow debug functions that clarify which of a union is valid. Enhancement Open
190809.1 Tom Tromey Standardize DW_AT_GNU_bias Enhancement Open
191025.1 Paul T Robinson DW_OP_bit_piece offset operand mostly doesn't matter Editorial Open
191107.1 Chirag Patel DW_OP_byte_swap Enhancement Open
200120.1 Sergey Kuznetsov Requesting DW_LANG_Crystal for Crystal Language Enhancement Open
200215.1 Gabor Greif Typo on http://dwarfstd.org/Comment.php Editorial Open
200427.1 Paul T Robinson Missing link in section relationships Editorial Open
200505.1 David Anderson Introduction has spurious word unittype Editorial Open
200505.2 David Anderson Lookup by name Editorial Open
200505.3 David Anderson Index attribute encodings Editorial Open
200505.4 David Anderson Augmentation string Editorial Open
200505.6 David Anderson State Machine Registers Editorial Open
200505.7 David Anderson Declarations with reduced scope Editorial Open
200519.1 Igor Kudrin Missing comments for some links in figure B.2 Editorial Open
200602.1 Paul T Robinson .debug_macro.dwo can refer to .debug_line.dwo? Clarification Open
200609.1 Paul T Robinson Reserve an address value for "not present" Enhancement Open
200709.1 Simon Marchi DW_AT_rnglists_base in DW_TAG_skeleton_unit Error Open
200710.1 Xing GUO Inconsistent decription of data representation for the range list table. Ambiguity Open
200716.1 David Blaikie debug_macro header is missing a length prefix Enhancement Open
200720.1 Markus Metzger SIMD location expressions Enhancement Open
200803.1 Andrew Kelley Add DW_LNS_jmp - modify file offset of line number program Enhancement Open
201007.1 Markus Metzger Wide Registers in Location Description Expressions Enhancement Open
210113.1 Paul Robinson Zero-length entries in .debug_aranges Improvement Open

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